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Nyx Password Storage for Pocket PC

Confidential information manager with hierarchical structure

Nyx Password Storage is reliable and secure storage for your confidentional information, first of all for passwords, but not only them. Have you ever run into the situation, you couldn't remember password for your login on your favorite internet forum? Or password for your mailbox? Password for your Internet Messenger? Do you have some credit cards and you mix pin codes sometimes? Nyx Password Storage will help you to manage all your secret information!

Some of the best features of Nyx Password Storage include:

  • You don't have to remember hundrets of your passwords, logins, pin codes and other important pieces of information, you have to remember only one password to access Nyx Password Storage.
  • Nyx Password Storage is free of charge if you use it for your personal purposes.
  • Nyx Password Storage encrypts all your passwords and other information using Blowfish cypher algorythm, so even if you loose your smartphone/PDA or it is stolen, nobody will be able to access your private information.
  • Nyx Password Storage has very reliable backup system, every time you start it, it makes new backup copy. If your smartphone/PDA hangs up or program crashes you can easely restore all information. Moreover, all information stores in one file and you can copy it to any save place you want.

A handy way to look after your confidential data in one secure solution.

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Nyx Password Storage


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